About Us

Our Mission

HardBody Physique was founded on the concept of hard work and dedication. Our goal and mission is to spread the power of health, positivity, and fitness. As a team we pride ourselves on customer/client relationships and results that speak. Team HBP truly believes that in the world of online coaching, communication is key and that is what is lacking in the industry. With over 20+ years of customer service and communication experience, we are proud to say we are the benchmark in online training. HardBody Physique also believes that high quality training should be readily available to all. We are in the business to change lives, we strive to promote wellness, and we understand not everyone can afford $300+ a month for online coaching that is being charged by many freelance online coaches. After years of researching we have built an excellent custom algorithm by our team’s nutritionist to ensure that our clients are getting the right nutrition in them so that they can see the results they expect. We have also built an amazing team of athlete coaches, some of which are Men Physique competitors and Pro Bikini competitors. With such a knowledgeable team we are able to come up with fresh new techniques and ideas to keep your body guessing and progressing forward. Join with the fastest growing team, Team HardBody Physique and let the Results Speak!

Why Choose Us?


We have years of experience in health and fitness and our methods and techniques are proven first hand to work. All of our coaches are extremely active in fitness and we most definitely practice what we preach!


Our programs are customized to the client’s body and needs, not someone else. Each program is neatly detailed out so that our clients can spend more time getting results then instead of guessing.


Results Speak! It’s not our motto for no reason, our results show through our clients time after time thanks to our knowledgeable coaches. These aren’t gimmicky lose weight quick or how to get ripped fast plans that don’t work. Our programs make our clients more active, confident, motivated, and dedicated to fitness. Hard work equals great results!


We offer our clients 5 stars customer service! We are literally with you the whole way from day 1 unlike many others that would just send you a plan and contact is cut off. In addition, we don’t charge extra for text/email communication.