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3 Lifting Tips

3 Tips to follow when lifting weights 1: Squeeze On The Concentric Phase. When contracting a muscle concentrically, it is important to squeeze every fibre to its fullest extent. Often, lifters will simply push the weight, while focusing on the next repetition. This takes the emphasis off the current rep, and compromises the entire set. Really focus on every repetition, in turn, and squeeze the muscle at the top of the movement. Squeezing the muscle forces more blood into the fibres, thus causing a greater degree of micro-trauma. These factors result in significantly greater muscle hypertrophy (growth). The essence of any set is continued pressure on the muscle being worked. A failure a squeeze at the top of the movement means a drop off in terms of resistance, and a consequent reduction in intensity – exactly what is not needed when aiming to build mass....

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New You In 12 Weeks

Hello my fitfam! If you’re busting your butt in the gym and not making any progress you have to go back to the drawing board. More than likely you aren’t eating the right things and the right amount of it. Take the guessing work out and leave it to the pros. We have a great track record of giving our clients REAL RESULTS! Dedicate 12 weeks and get SERIOUS about your health and fitness. Don’t fall for fad diets and fancy machines that makes false promises. This is a lifestyle and not a “DIET”, we are here to teach and change your lifestyle for the better. In the end it is YOUR health that matters most. Health is wealth my friends. -HardBody Physique  ...

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