At HardBody Physique we truly do value our customers fitness goals and we understand that not everyone can afford $60-$100 PER HOUR for face to face personal training. We also understand that many trainers out there charge well above $300+ for a month of online training which can be daunting (trust me I know). At HBP our main focus is our clients and their fitness goals. We also truly believe that great fitness training should be readily available for everyone.

I also PRIDE myself in my customer service and client relationship. I myself have been trained by too many coaches where they don’t respond quick enough or provide the top-notch service that you expect because they are “TOO BUSY.” I definitely treat everyone of my clients like friends and care for them like one as well.

All programs are individualized based programs and will be measured by your workout experience, short term/long term goals, body weight, height, and age. Implementing all these factors we will be able to determine the most effective way to achieve your goals and for results to show!


Monthly Program

  • (Choose ONE)
  • Nutrition Plan
  • Training Plan
  • Cardio Plan

Monthly Program

  • Bronze Program +
  • Custom Nutrition Plan
  • Custom Training Split
  • Custom Cardio Plan

Monthly Program

  • Silver Program +
  • Supplement Recommendation
  • Email Communication

Monthly Program

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  • Unlimited Revision
  • Text/Call Communication
  • Weekly Check-Ins
  • Complimentary Merchandise